Asanyo Primary School

From January this year, Asanyo primary school opened its doors to students from Asanyo farm community where World Teacher Aid is currently building the school house.

The school began by admitting class one (grade one) students from January 9th 2017. The plan is to enroll more students as the classrooms are completed. The community will bring back its kids who are currently learning in schools in the neighboring communities.

The first grade is using a temporary structure near where the kindergarten is located. The school has enrolled 17 students right now as we wait for completion of the school buildings. We have a forecast of 200-300 students when the school is officially opened.

We finished up construction of the Asanyo in mid-March. We hope to have the school fully operational by end of May this year. The registration process has already begun with government agencies set to carry out the usual round of inspections in the coming month or two.


Asanyo Farm Primary School