The Three Phases

As we begin to take steps to start closing out the year, WTA will begin taking steps towards a new mission and vision in the way we will continue to support our schools and communities. During our Board Retreat this past summer, the Board along with Amy & Stu, have decided to start implementing three … Continued

LaunchCon Fundraiser a Huge Success

Last week, we had the privilege again to be the featured charity at another Jeff Walker’s event – LaunchCon in Los Angeles, California. This was an AWESOME event that surpassed our imaginations. The room was full of entrepreneurs who were eager to learn more on how to launch their business BUT also leave a greater … Continued

New Blog Series – Interviews

We are going to start a new series of blog posts that will feature interviews of those individuals who impact WTA. Our first interview will be with Sam, our Field Rep for WTA. We hope you enjoyed today’s interview. If you would like to follow Sam and all his adventures, feel free to check out … Continued

2016 Donor Trip Part 2

Our donor trip this year was one for the record book! It was full of wonderful unexpected surprises that once again contributes to the impact WTA is making in Kenya. This trip for me was one held with much anticipation since taking on the the role of Operations Manager for WTA. This trip sealed the … Continued

A busy time for WTA!

Its been a very busy few months for WTA! We are in the midst of building TWO schools simultaneously, adding a new full time Operations Manager and raising close to $200,000 in the last 2 months. It has been a whirlwind to see all the progress we are making. With the help of our friends, … Continued

Happy Holidays!

The holidays are now upon us, which makes it an excellent time to check in with the folks living in Lemolo, the latest village where WTA has built a school. Elian Ekeno plans on spending the Christmas here at here home in Lemolo with her husband and children. She told Sam she is looking forward … Continued

Newsletter: November 2014

Soon it will be Thanksgiving time in the United States, a holiday that I once described to some friends in Kenya as, “Sort of like a harvest celebration but with lots of professional sports on TV.” I ended up explaining the rules of American Football and why it’s called that despite being played with your … Continued

Newsletter: October 2014

I discovered an interesting thing about Kimugul Primary School recently. This is the latest public school that WTA has completed. Located in the remote community of Lemolo A, the school was officially opened not too long ago, but classes have already been taking place here for months as their school building was under construction. The … Continued

Newsletter: September 2014

In North America and Kenya, we are now a little more than a week into the new school term. “Back to School” essentials are the mostly the same: after some relative freedom, its back to enforced schedules, homework, your friends, and those butterflies in your belly. But this might be where most of comparisons stop. … Continued

Newsletter: (Summer) August 2014

Welcome to this August (Summer!) edition of our WTA newsletter. Last month has seen some major events: the opening of the Kimgul Primary School in Lemolo A, the opening ceremony where Governor Mbugua donated uniforms and food for breakfast for all the students, and of course, the 2014 Donor Trip. You can read about all … Continued