Newsletter: May 2014

We are right now at the end of the first vacation of the year for students at our schools in Kenya. Before they start term two, let’s look back at the first term at Shalom Primary School. How have they done? Class one: They are off to a very good start. In fact, it’s a … Continued

First Term 2014

Class 8 is a critical juncture of students at Shalom Primary School. This is the final year of primary school, and success here means moving beyond your village and into a higher level of learning. In rural public primary schools like Shalom across Kenya, most students do not pass the high school entrance exams. In … Continued

Newsletter: March 2014

Do you own your local public school? I’m not sure it’s a thought that most of you have if you are back in Canada or the States. Especially if you don’t have kids or send yours to a private school. Have you walked past a public school in your neighborhood recently and thought “Gosh, I … Continued

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from us at WTA and the fine folks of Lemolo!   We are very grateful for the support you’ve shown the communities we work in, whether by donating or just sharing our stories. This year, we started work in a brand new community in Kenya called Lemolo. For the residents of Lemolo, this … Continued

Newsletter: December 2013

  As 2013 comes to a close, the work of World Teacher Aid (and all of you with us) sits at a transition point… In Lemolo, construction on a new school has begun.  For now, there is a foundation dug and bricks laid, but to me, the community has already built the foundation of the … Continued

Newsletter: November 2013

With a heavy sigh, I said goodbye to Shalom yesterday. Goodbye to the blue roofs, the long rows of maize stalks, the potholed roads, the laughing students in their uniforms, and goodbye to many, many great people who have inspired me and challenged me this past year. It was my last visit before I leave … Continued

Newsletter: October 2013

Dear Friends, If you haven’t already, get to know Sam Kimani Wangunyu. Sam is joining the team as a field representative for WTA here in Kenya.  Sam and I will be working together to give all of you an idea of what’s happening on the ground in the next year as WTA moves into a … Continued

In Lemolo…

A couple weeks ago, Joseph picked me up from Mogotio, a slight town about 25 kilometers outside Nakuru. I hopped on the back of his motorbike that doubled as a taxi on most weekdays and we sped off across the valley. Even from 15 kilometers away, you can see the houses of Lemolo from Mogotio … Continued

Newsletter: September 2013

This month has been a busy one, but for all new reasons.  You see, were about to grow as an organization and invite one more person to the team. This role that I’ve operated solo for close to a year is about to become a duo. As I’m leaving Kenya in November, we’ve been on … Continued

Hanging out with the cool kids

So, there I was on the last day of class, hanging out with the cool kids. They were draped over the desks and chairs in that particular adolescent slothness that recalls droopy Dali paintings and Gumby figurines from your childhood. We struck up a conversation… Earlier, I had ingratiated myself into a lunch circle. They … Continued