Making Our Schools The Best Schools

Village Impact schools want to be known as the best schools in Kenya! One of the ways we accomplish this is in tailoring each of our school’s development phases based on the unique needs of their communities. As a general rule, we start with the provision of text books and reference materials, as we have … Continued

Hope and Restoration

Imagine being born in a productive highland area, and raised on beautiful land you have known all your life. Then one day, your own government sends its police to evict you to from your home and force you to an isolated, semi-arid region. Everything you have ever known is taken from you and you are … Continued

Six Years, Six Lessons

As of October 1, 2019, I have been working for Village Impact for six years! When I joined Village Impact, the mission was the same as it is today, but we have grown to expand the scope of our work. We were just constructing our second school (Springs High School) when I came on board, … Continued

Notes From the Field: Why I Love My Job

Hello! I’m Milkah, and it’s my pleasure to introduce myself to you! I’m many things— wife, mother and counselor with Village Impact. When I began pursuing a career in counseling, psychology was considered a study for those with “problems.” The stigma for those with mental health issues in my country, and in particular, in the … Continued

Making Schools Awesome Teachers Conference

Our third annual Making Schools Awesome teacher’s conference was a resounding success! This year, about 130 teachers from our twelve Village Impact schools attended in July at our new venue, the spacious Royal Green Gardens Resort. We decided to make the day more engaging, with short talks from three speakers and an afternoon full of … Continued

Our First Student’s Entrepreneurship Summit

After rigorous months of planning, the long awaited finally arrived:  We were hosting our 12th grade students from all three of our high schools for our first ever Students Entrepreneurship Summit! Our main objectives were to coach our students on life after their final examinations, and impart entrepreneurial knowledge to impact the communities which our … Continued

Welcome to the VI Family, Milkah!

Milkah is the latest additional to the growing staff of Village Impact and all of us here foresee us impacting more villages with her on the team. When it was time to have an additional counsellor, the challenge was to get a person who loved people and had the passion to transform lives. It was … Continued

Our Schools’ Performance in National Exams

At the end of every school year, the top grades at both the primary and high school levels take part in the national standardized test. These exams are crucial in a learner’s life because it is standardized across the whole nation and places their academic performance in context with the rest of the students in … Continued

Happy New Year!

Woohoo…We made it to 2019! Happy New Year, everyone! First and foremost I must say it’s a blessing to be alive and well this year. We can’t take it for granted. This year also seems to be more promising and we are really optimistic about achieving more than in the previous years. Last year, we … Continued

Team MORE Awesome | Donor Trip 2018 Reflection

The news concerning the annual Donor Trip sparked a lot of anxiety among all stakeholders within the two communities where we were camping. This meant impromptu meetings with both locals and the local administration in both areas and also the parents/teachers association, which is responsible for the smooth running of the schools. The community was … Continued