Visit with Mandy and Krista

On March 11 we received some visitors from Canada; Krista and Mandy. These lovely ladies got a chance to visit both the Shallom and Lemolo communities. They got a chance to see completed schools at Shallom that is Shallom primary school and Springs high school. In the evening we visited the site of the school … Continued

Working with Lemolo Community

We have been working with the good people of Lemolo for a few months now. During this time, I have noticed a refreshing and exhilarating quality about this community. The Lemolo people are self starters and doers. Its not always the case in development to have people who see their own needs and act on … Continued

Newsletter: January 2014

Several months ago, under some scant shade, I had a meeting with the leadership of the Lemolo community right where the school is now under construction. In fact, maybe even on the exact spot. We were talking about how this school, after it’s built, will become a success. Success would require our ongoing support, our … Continued

A New Beginning In Lemolo

  The huge truck just stood there imposing itself in this strange environment. Men were busy off loading its cargo(curved stones), and freeing it to make more and more trips from the quarry to this remote place. On the other side guys were busy using crudely put together compacters to make sure the building foundation … Continued

Amy and Stu's Visit

We were quickly surrounded by children when we arrived in Shalom.  There was a sea of blue uniforms that swarmed our van. For a moment it seemed like every single child in Shalom was out to welcome the visitors. Stu opened the door and was quickly pulled out in the melee. He was ushered to … Continued

New Field Rep. in Kenya

Hello I am Samuel Kimani Wangunyu and I am joining World Teacher Aid as a Field Representative. As a Field Representative, I’m joining WTA in the efforts to improving access to education in rural Kenya especially for communities that have been resettled after being internally displaced for one reason or the other. I will be … Continued