Our Schools’ Performance in National Exams

At the end of every school year, the top grades at both the primary and high school levels take part in the national standardized test. These exams are crucial in a learner’s life because it is standardized across the whole nation and places their academic performance in context with the rest of the students in … Continued

Happy New Year!

Woohoo…We made it to 2019! Happy New Year, everyone! First and foremost I must say it’s a blessing to be alive and well this year. We can’t take it for granted. This year also seems to be more promising and we are really optimistic about achieving more than in the previous years. Last year, we … Continued

Team MORE Awesome | Donor Trip 2018 Reflection

The news concerning the annual Donor Trip sparked a lot of anxiety among all stakeholders within the two communities where we were camping. This meant impromptu meetings with both locals and the local administration in both areas and also the parents/teachers association, which is responsible for the smooth running of the schools. The community was … Continued

May 2018 Impacts

BARAKA SHALOM PRIMARY SCHOOL Baraka Shalom continues to be one of the best communities to benchmark. The school now enjoys facilities such as teacher desks, recently acquired thanks to Village Impact. They also have a fully functional computer laboratory, which has helped the students attain more knowledge on Information Technology. The administration block is now … Continued

Planting Update

Rain is more often regarded as a blessing but to others blessings that exceed their expectations end up being a curse.  While the rains might have had a negative effect in different areas of the land, in our school communities they have proved to be a blessing in disguise. Our schools in Lemolo, (Kimugul Primary … Continued

School Lunches

In almost all the Kenyan secondary schools, the school organizes a common launch among all the students that parents pay a fee for, while in primary schools the students can have a common meal or more commonly they carry a packed lunch with them when they come to the school. This is the same across … Continued

School Feeding Program at Bright Hope High School

It has been the goal of Village Impact programs and the ideals that are sustainable and self-sufficient, especially in the regards to school feeding programs. This is because it can be a rather expensive and arduous undertaking if not approached properly. In our schools we have been encouraging the community and the school administration to … Continued

April 2018 Impacts

Here are a few highlights of the impact that was made in some of our schools in April AMANI KURESOI PRIMARY SCHOOL The parents of Amani Kuresoi Primary School in their last parents’ meeting saw the need to set up a school kitchen. The kitchen was mainly aimed at enhancing the school feeding program, which … Continued

Planting Season

The closing of our schools marks the end of a successful semester and beginning of the planting season within all the surrounding communities. Mother Nature, through heavy rains, has come to the dismay of many farmers who have been subjected to hasten the preparation of their land. Whereas rains are often regarded as a blessing … Continued

Funnel Hacking Live 2018

“When he handed me this check for $133,737, my jaw dropped.”  – Stu McLaren  A few years ago when Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson started ClickFunnels, they committed to donate $1 to World Teacher Aid for every funnel that was created using ClickFunnels. It was a TREMENDOUSLY generous act. But here’s the thing… 4 years … Continued

A Day in the Life of WTA Student, Benedicta

Identifying talent can be an uphill task and often confusing. Some people identify what they love doing by mirroring others. Others establish talent by seeing others do it and believing that they had the capability of doing it better than those before them. Most often, we are unable to know of our capabilities until we … Continued