We Have Passed the Initial Screening!

Just a few weeks ago my lawyer contacted me to let me know some wonderful news. The CRA has advised us that we, World Teacher Aid, have passed the first screening! We are now waiting to be reviewed by an examiner, this could happen in September or early October. As the summer days go by, … Continued

Major Donation!!

This month has been a busy one. A little over two months ago, Armand Morin a good friend of ours offered to make some money for our charity. We welcomed the donation with huge smiles on our faces! To find out how much was donated (we will be able to use this donation when we … Continued

An Email To Share

Today I received an email in my inbox from the school director of Springs of Hope High School.  It was such a nice email that I have cut and pasted it for you to read below.   While this email was sent to me, it is something you should see as this is the difference … Continued

A Mother's Day Treat

The past couple of weeks have been busy at Jarvis Public School. The International Club worked hard to sell “Mamma Grams” and raffle tickets for a chance to win flowers and chocolates for mom.

Simcoe Composite School Raises $700!

A special thank you goes out to Simcoe Composite School. Together they managed to raise $700 for World Teacher Aid. Thank you to all staff and students, this money will go a long way in Ghana.

Mrs. McCleary's Grade Two Class

Just last week Stu and I had the chance to visit two more schools that participated in the GEDSB fundraiser over Christmas.  To find out more about our visit read the info below.

$1500 Given at Idea Incubator

Stu arrived back from L.A last week and came back with an early Valentines Day present. His yearly Idea Incubaor Event was a great success.  To find out more about my early present read on…

WTA Makes Front Page

On January 16th, 2008 our organization had a great article in the local Simcoe Reformer. You can see the article here, just cut and paste this link: http://cgi.bowesonline.com/pedro.php?id=305&x=story&xid=368539

GEDSB Presentations

The last two weeks have been extremely busy. Stu and I have been visiting many of the schools who supported World Teacher Aid in December. It has been wonderful to be welcomed into the schools to share what we experienced while we were in Ghana.

Ghana Trip

Our Trip to Ghana Before I get started on the information on our trip. I want to say a BIG thank you to everyone involved in the 2008 Predictions Call (Our Annual Fundraiser). Together we raised over $22, 000.00 in three short days. THANK YOU! Now, on with our Ghana experience. Our trip to Ghana … Continued