Our building process

After nearly a decade fighting poverty through education, hand-in-hand with communities, we’ve refined a three-phased process that helps to create life-changing opportunities for students to realize their full potential.

This AWESOME process provides children and youth with access to the functional literacy, numeracy and other basic education they need to fully participate in their communities, enjoy better health, increase work opportunities, and build stronger futures—our ultimate goal is to help them become the sparks that ignite the engine of economic growth and development within their communities. 

By working in partnership with students, their families, communities, government and local organizations, Village Impact is a catalyst for transfomrational change.

We build our schools in three phases to ensure that each school is structurally sound, has adequate resources for every student, and also provides students with the resources and skills then need to grow and become entrepreneurs.

community involvement in school construction
The community involvement in the building of one of our community schools earlier last year.

Phase One - Make it Happen

Let’s get BUILDING!

We believe that local people best understand the needs of their communities and that community partnership is the key to long-lasting success. That’s why every Village Impact project is anchored in both the participation by and contributions of the communities in which we work.

Once a community has completed an evaluation process and is approved, construction begins. This process can take 3-6 months. When construction of the buildings and latrines are completed, the school is outfitted with desks for each classroom, rain gutters, and book shelving.

Want to be part of the AWESOME? We’ve got funding opportunities for:

  • Entire schools
  • Classrooms
  • Latrines
  • Desks
  • Rain gutters
  • Book shelving
  • Teachers desks/tables
  • Chalkboards

Phase Two - Make it Awesome

Of course, Village Impact continues to help make our schools AWESOME after the initial build is completed.

Schools are registered with the Kenyan government, who then provide financial support that helps cover the school’s day-to-day operating costs, including teacher salaries

Our goal is to make our schools the best in the county. And while good academic results are a high priority, there are several other factors that go into giving our students the best possible environment in which to learn, grow and succeed.

We also provide supplemental textbooks, libraries, salaries for school counsellors (who offer indiviudal and group sessions), electricity, water and sanitation and so much more!

Want to be part of the AWESOME? We’ve got funding opportunities for:

  • Library
  • Library books
  • Supplemental textbooks
  • Computers
  • School counsellor salaries
  • Electricity installation
  • Water and sanitation provisions
  • School maintenance
  • Principal & Teacher conferences

Phase Three - Make it Last

The third and final phase of our AWESOME process is what sets Village Impact apart from other organizations.

We know that many of our students will not have the opportunity to go to university. So, we strive not only to provide access to basic education; we also to ensure that students are armed with the skills and training they need to find and succeed in employment after graduation.

A special focus for us is to encourage and support those who want to pursue entrepreneurial livelihood activities. With this in mind, we have created several entrepreneurial opportunities for students within our high schools. These include yearly summits set to inspire and teach about entrepreneurship as well as business clubs and contests within our schools.

This lasting impact will also be realized through our planned entrepreneurial centre, where students will receive hands-on training and experience in building, running and scaling their small businesses.

Want to be part of the AWESOME? We’ve got funding opportunities for:

  • Building the resource center
  • Supporting Kenyan organization partnerships
  • Offsetting cost of student conferences
  • Supplying, training and maintaining technology
  • Guest lectures
  • Contests
  • Field trips