Our building process

We build our schools in three phases to ensure that each school is structurally sound, has adequate resources for every student, and also provides students with the resources and skills then need to grow and become entrepreneurs.


community involvement in school construction
The community involvement in the building of one of our community schools earlier last year.

Phase One - Make it Happen

Let’s get BUILDING!

In the first phase, Village Impact begins with relationship building within the selected village. The Village Impact team will evaluate the village readiness for a school build. During this step, a village is required to have community leadership within the village that will be dedicated to the school. It is here where “buy-in” and expectations are established for the relationships between Village Impact, the school and the village community.

Once a village has completed the evaluation process and is approved, the construction team begins the building process. This process can take 3-6 months. Once the construction of the buildings and latrines is completed, the school is outfitted with desks for each classroom, rain gutters, and book shelving.

It’s important to note that the schools are then funded by the local government. The government provides the funds to upkeep the school and provide the teacher’s salaries.

Options for funding:

  • Entire school
  • Desks
  • Latrines
  • Rain gutters
  • Book shelving
  • Teachers desks/tables

Phase Two - Make it Awesome

Village Impact continues to support and help make our schools AWESOME after the construction is completed. Once the school is registered with Kenyan government, they will begin to receive financial support from them that will help with the operating costs

Village Impact wants to make our schools the best in the area, not just in academics but also in what can be provided for the students. High academic marks are a high priority but there are several factors that go into giving our students the best possible environment to succeed academically.

Supplemental textbooks, libraries, school counsellors, electricity and water provisions are just a few examples of things that go into making our schools AWESOME. Partnership in this area will also help maintain the schools for many years to come.

Options for funding:

  • Library
  • Library books
  • Supplemental textbooks
  • Computers
  • School counsellor
  • Electricity
  • Water provisions
  • School maintenance
  • Principal & Teacher conferences

Phase Three - Make it Last

Education has a lasting impact on each of the students that graduate from one of our schools. Village Impact’s hope is that each student’s time of learning will leave a lasting impact on their family and the world. Many students will not have the opportunity to go to university, so giving our students alternative opportunities is vital.

One way this impact can be created is through the entrepreneurial resources. Village Impact wants to create a resource center that will teach entrepreneurship. This resource will inspire and educate our students to think beyond their current situation.

Village Impact’s vision for these resources is to be implement through video education, conferences, guest lectures, field trips and contests within the community. Village Impact is also hoping to find local Kenyan organizations to partner with to help facilitate hands-on entrepreneurial education to our villages.

Options for funding:

  • Resource center
  • Kenyan organizations partnerships
  • Student conference
  • Video support/technology
  • Guest lectures
  • Contests
  • Field trips