You Have The Power Today To Change Tomorrow FOR HUNDREDS OF GIRLS

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Every child has the right to learn.


Secondary education for girls can transform communities, countries and our world.

When we invest in girls’ secondary education

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This belief has driven the last ten years of Village Impact’s partnership with communities recovering from the conflict in Kenya.  For any child, education can open doors to the future that would otherwise be locked tight.

But it’s not just about the future – children with healthy learning environments are better protected from exploitation here and now. Girls, especially, are safer from abuse and early marriage.

We address barriers to education and work with communities and local governments to improve the quality of education children receive.

We know that real transformation happens – and lasts – when communities are empowered to change their own circumstances. Education is crucial to this empowerment.

For every extra year a girl stays in school, her income can increase by 10–20%.

When girls are educated, they have the knowledge, skills and opportunities to create a better, brighter future for themselves and everyone around them.




You can play a very personal and pivotal role in making an incredible and life-transforming impact for girls in vulnerable communities in rural Kenya.

Projected Open Date: January 2022

Nakuru Girl's School

Through a new public access all-girls high school, we aim to provide girls with the opportunity to build a better future for themselves. They have big  dreams of becoming entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, even presidents, and work so hard in school to achieve these.

By being in all-girl’s environment means students are more protected from the dangers of sexual exploitation, street life, drug abuse and child marriage. And more than anything, their confidence and happiness increases dramatically, with new hope for their future.

Join us.
You can make a life-transforming difference for girls in Kenya.

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