Latest High School Nears Completion

For the last two months, the construction of Bright Hope High school in Lemolo community has been going on. Right now, the contractor is putting finishing touches to the first four classrooms and next week the students will be moving into the classrooms. This will mark the start of a new era-the official start of Bright Hope High School!

The school is also getting a laboratory building constructed next as well as four more classrooms and administration block later on. All this is the effort to build a proper high school to continue the education efforts started by the two primary/elementary schools in the Lemolo communities.

So far, the school has enrolled 68 students into form one (freshman year) from all over the surrounding areas even beyond the two communities we’ve partnered with. This showcases the potential value of this school already. More and more students will enroll as the years go on and therefore it is an extremely valuable institution in these communities.

Hopefully, we’ll be done with this school by May this year so that we can move on to the next project; Safina Haji High school in Haji farms where they are currently utilizing a temporary solution.

WTA_Bright consturction 4

WTA_Bright constuction 9

WTA_Bright constuction 8

brightconstruction 6

brightconstruction 5

brightconstruction 3

brightconstruction 2

bright construction 1