Making Schools Awesome Teachers Conference

Our third annual Making Schools Awesome teacher’s conference was a resounding success!

This year, about 130 teachers from our twelve Village Impact schools attended in July at our new venue, the spacious Royal Green Gardens Resort.

We decided to make the day more engaging, with short talks from three speakers and an afternoon full of team building activities. Again we collaborated with the Kenya Motivational Speaker to deliver quality motivational talks and activities that drove home the message of Making Our Schools Awesome!

Mr. Osman Majid shared about professional excellence in teaching careers and what their employers expect teachers to achieve in their careers.

The conference ended with our first awards ceremony, which Village Impact introduced to encourage competition between our schools makes every school an awesome place of learning. We awarded the Best School in Academic Performance at both the primary and high school levels, Best Maintained Primary and High School, Teacher of the Year, and the Principal/Headteacher of the Year.

Mr. Joseph Onsarigo, Headteacher of Saramek Primary School, reported,

“This was the push his school needed to produce better result in academics.”

Mrs. Irene Langat, the new headmistress of our oldest school Shalom Primary School, believes that the conference was the shot in the arm her team needs to make the school awesome!

Baraka Shalom received awards for Best Performing School in Academic Performance and Best Maintained Primary School.

After the conference, the Baraka Shalom teachers displayed their trophies and vowed to improve and set the standard in maintaining their school, as well as academic performance.

Bright Hope High School won the Best Maintained High School.

The rest of the awards will be given out in our next year’s conference.

Our Village Impact team believes that we can transform our schools to be awesome centers for learning!

We will continue to inspire teachers to produce students who are well educated, motivated and ready to contribute to transforming their villages, our country and the world!

Sam, Field Rep