One Step Closer…


March 5, 2008

I write with some GOOD NEWS!

First of all I am excited to say that we have been incorporated! I just got news from my lawyer last week. We are only a few months away now from becoming an official charity.

Secondly, I wanted to tell you about two visitors that came to say hello.

I was touched to get the chance to meet Deborah Ellis. She is a very successful author who has won the Governor General’s Award for her first novel, Looking for X. Deborah came by to meet me and comment on all the positive things that are happening with World Teacher Aid. It was an honor to meet her. You can find out more about her books and accomplishments at: I was also lucky enough to receive signed copies of two of her books 🙂

Not only was I honored to meet Deborah last week, but on Monday Beth Adamowich dropped by the class to drop off a $150 donation! Beth had also heard about World Teacher Aid through different members of the community. Thanks to The Knox Jelly Bean Club for all their hard work. The $150 will go towards feeding children in Africa. Stu and I hope to visit the Knox Jelly Bean Club sometime in April to show the children pictures from our recent trip to Africa.

I am still blown away and wowed at the generosity that is shown. As we are not official yet, we can not write receipts but continue to be amazed by peoples donations.


I have also began to publish monthly newsletters. If you are interested in receiving a monthly newsletter please send an email to

I will write with more good news soon!

Thank again!