School Updates – January 2018

The 2018 school year started on January 3, 2018.

All our schools opened on this day with the brand- new schools (Sanmarico and Ndatho) officially starting on the January 4th and 8th respectively.


Shalom Primary School

The school started enrolling students into the new education system being introduced in Kenya. The school has 484 students with more Grade 1 students enrolling.

The school lost 69 students to our new school across the highway, Sanmarico, since most were walking from that community to Shalom.


Springs High School

The school is implementing the 100% transition program where students who took their national exams at primary school get into high school regardless of their scores. This is part of the government effort to push more students to proceed to the high schools from primary schools, and a departure from requiring a 40% pass score before joining high school from primary school. This is part of the transition phase before the new education system takes shape where student’s academic performance is not the only track considered and nurtured in high school.

The school has 248 students.


Kimugul Primary School


The school has 247 students this year. Last year’s graduating class did very well improving the schools’ performance by more than 20 points on average despite spending more than three months with a school head during leadership transition at the beginning of last year.


Sinendet Primary School

The school currently has 304 students enrolled. The school recently fenced off the compound with a grant from the local government further enhancing the learning environment of the school.


Safina Haji Primary School

The school has 285 students this school year. The school just had an early childhood class constructed by the county government in addition to the classrooms donated by WTA. Now preschoolers will learn in the same compound as older kids as envisioned in the new educational system introduced the year.


Bright Hope High School

The school has 102 students this year. They have added a new grade with the pioneering class moving up to Form Three (Junior class). Next year they will be graduating.


Safina Haji High School

The school has 77 students right now. This is a drop from last year because there was a delay in getting the school officially registered due to government bureaucracy. However, this situation has now been corrected and the number of students will rise because the parents and community are no longer worried about the status of the school, a factor that was causing some to move to fully registered schools far away from the community.


Baraka Shalom Primary School


The school currently has 200 students. The school is doing very well academically, topping the local areas in exams. Furthermore, the school leadership and community are working together to improve the school by beautifying and making classroom improvements beyond what was there. This is one of the best examples of working collaborations between community and school.


Amani Kuresoi Primary School

The school has 245 students enrolled. Their registration process is almost complete, which will mean that the government will send publicly employed teachers to the school in addition to the five employed by the community to stand in during the transition. Nevertheless, learning is going on and they will have a graduating class in November of this year.


Sanmarico Primary School

This school started on January 4, 2018, and already has 350 students enrolled and learning. They have even stopped enrolling more students until they have full government support to enroll more. Hopefully that happens soon and we can serve more and more people.


Ndatho Hope Primary School

Ndatho Hope Primary

The school started on January 8, 2018, and has already enrolled 276 students. School registration is ongoing and expected to be complete by the end of February with government teachers posted to the school. Right now, the community has hired seven stand-in teachers to teach before full takeover and conversion into a public school.