Ngeya Girl’s High School

2HFJ+56W, Kamandura - Mai Mahiu

Construction on the main block of classrooms is complete, and the Ngeya Girl’s High School opened its doors in May 2022, welcoming an inaugural enrolment of 108 girls between Form 1 (Grade 9) and Form 2 (Grade 10). The school will accommodate 600 girls at full capacity.

Ngeya is the most significant construction project in the Village Impact network of schools, with 12 classrooms, two science labs, a library and computer rooms. It has been resourced with textbooks, student and teacher desks, chairs and chalkboards. Lab and computer equipment will follow.

We have hired the first dedicated School Counselor to support students’ psychological, academic, and social development. The Counselor will also provide support to parents, community leaders, and teachers/ administration to create a future world where all students thrive.

Fred Kubai High School

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