San Marco Farm

As time goes on, we have been accelerating our efforts to reach more communities. To this end, we have moved to a new community called San Marco farm near our first school Shalom.

San Marco is located just 20 kilometres from Nakuru town on the opposite side of the highway from Shalom (Giwa farm). The community has 71 resettled families (from Internally Displaced Persons) living among an existing community. The lands around the camp have also been sold to families, and there is a rapidly growing population centred around the farm/IDP community due to its accessibility from the highway.


The nearest school is about 4 kilometres from the community and it is already full to the extent that it is now turning away students. These kids have to go to schools much farther ranging from 7 to 12 kilometres. The other schools kids from here go to Shalom and a neighboring primary school, which are across the highway, however, this is not safe for kids. Therefore, there’s increased demand for this school and enrollment will continue to rise as more people who have bought land here complete their houses and move into the community.

We started the construction of classrooms in late April. We already have four classrooms up and the builders are putting their finishing touches to these classrooms. We have to put four more classrooms and the administration block before the school can start. The school will start in September when the third term of the 2017 school year starts and we’ll launch the school in October during the WTA donor trip.

Children in Sun Marco