Ghana Trip


January 9, 2008

Our Trip to Ghana

Before I get started on the information on our trip. I want to say a BIG thank you to everyone involved in the 2008 Predictions Call (Our Annual Fundraiser). Together we raised over $22, 000.00 in three short days. THANK YOU!

Now, on with our Ghana experience.

Our trip to Ghana was a very valuable experience. While we were their we got a chance to meet with our main contacts, the teachers and get to know the children and their families.

Our first five days was spent in Budumburam Refugee Camp. The Refugee Camp is home to over 45, 000 people who have fled from war. Our partner organization Children Better Way has a well established organization in the camp. You can check out their own web site at They currently have two schools, a HIV program as well as a water sanitation program. The schools are well built and have a sufficient number of teachers. However, where they are desperately in need of assistance is nutrition for the children who attend the school. Many children who are attending the school come every day without eating. Many of the families find it hard to come up with the $5 tuition fee for the term, let along three meals a day for their child. As a result, Stu and I noted that this was an immediate concern.

Before leaving the camp, we put in place a Feeding Program for all children that attend Children Better Way schools. At the moment our current budget allows us to provide a nutritional breakfast for all students (400+) 3 days a week. We would like to see this at five days a week in the future.

Below your will find some pictures of the camp.

children_drawing.jpg stu.jpg

cbw_school.jpg cbw_school2.jpg

The School

family_camp.jpg boy.jpg boyonback.jpg breakfast.jpg

Water is also a BIG problem on the camp. While the camp has a few wells. There are not enough for all the families that live in the camp. There are often large line ups to get water. You can see this in the pictures below.

amy.jpg water.jpg water2.jpg

Lots of the children enjoyed playing soccer with Stu.

soccernet.jpg stusoccer.jpg

Our second stop was Vakpo Orphange School. This school is located two hours north of Accra. We were met by a local teacher of the small school in Accra, from there she traveled with us to the small town.

Below you will find some pictures of the small school where we are sponsoring two teachers.

orphange_sign.jpg amygiving.jpg

outsideorphange.jpg orphangeschool.jpg orphangeschool2.jpg orphangeschool3.jpg