What A Great Day!


December 19, 2007

Today was a great day, let me tell you why.

Firstly, at Jarvis Public School we had our ‘Hat Day.’ This event was very successful, together we raised $220! This is wonderful news and will be a big help for our teacher in Ghana.

Secondly, I was so happy to see Thomas Downten (please see the article Saved Pocker Money) in my classroom this morning. He arrived with a BIG smile, hat donations from his class and a small white envelope that had $17 in change. Again, his saved money! I was so proud of him and made sure to send that message to the students in my class.

Lastly, I received some current pictures from Jensa, Ghana. Please see them below. These are pictures of the children we will be helping in Ghana, thanks to the support of nine other schools within the Grand Erie District School Board we will be able to provide them a teacher this year! Check them out below!

africa3.jpg     africa4.jpg   Village   africa.jpg