Donate to our COVID-19 Emergency Appeal

Help stop the spread of coronavirus

 Help Us Provide COVID-19 Student Care Kits For Over 4,000 Waiting Students

Provide Life Saving Resources

Good hygiene is critical for everyone in this pandemic, especially those in  the already vulnerable school communities we partner with in rural Kenya. 

With your help, our team on-the-ground  is making every effort to ensure a new normal  for every child that attends a Village Impact partner school. Our focus is on preventing the spread of COVID-19 and scaling up the ability of schools to keep their students healthy and fit for learning. 

We have already distributed thousands of units of liquid soap to students, families and schools. But, the simple reality is, we need to do more to keep students safe.  

A Student Hygiene Kit, filled with personal care products will provide encouragement and hope to students and their families— a reminder that someone cares for them and believes in their future.

 Your donation today will help supply essential resources to where they are needed most. Together we will: 

  • Provide Emergency Hygiene Student Care Kits for all students, distributed quarterly. Each hygiene kit contains essentials such as personal bar soap, washcloth, toothbrush and toothpaste, two fabric masks, underwear, menstrual hygiene management supplies and more. 
  • Distribute a three-month supply of all-purpose liquid soap for student’s families. 
  • Construct and resource over 50 permanent handwashing stations at all 14 Village Impact partner schools. 
Child with mask making a heart gesture with hands