Donate to our COVID-19 Emergency Appeal

Help stop the spread of coronavirus

Protect Children and Families Affected by COVID-19

Preventing the spread of COVID-19 requires strong and urgent action to protect the most vulnerable. 

Help Stop the Spread

 COVID-19, reached Kenya in early March. To date, there are over 79,000 confirmed cases, and the Government is acknowledging the numbers are quickly on the rise. 

High population densities, communal living, and constrained access to water and washing facilities all increase the likelihood of coronavirus infections and fatalities.

As children in the 14 vulnerable communities where Village Impact focuses its work head back to school, even the most basic steps to keep themselves safe is out of reach for most families.

The situation is critical. We’re urgently refocusing our support to help people in the communities where we work to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and keep children healthy and in school.

Your donation today will help supply essential resources to where they are needed most. Together we will:

  • Distribute a 3-month supply of liquid soap to 5,000 students and their families in the 14 communities where Village Impact operates (our second distribution)
  • Deliver durable, high-quality temporary, then build permanent,  hand-washing stations at 14 schools, along with a supply of soap
  • Distribute a gender-appropriate hygiene kits to every student, including a reusable mask, toothbrush and toothpaste, body lotion, and undergarments. Kits for girls will include menstrual hygiene management items, including cloth and pads