Small Business Partners

Create Opportunities and  Transform Lives—Pay it Forward While Growing Your Business.

You want a thriving business, and we all want all children to thrive.

A partnership with Village Impact can help you live your values through your business, boost your double bottom line and increase your business’ visibility and integrity—all while helping young entrepreneurs ignite the economic engines in their communities. It’s win-win-win!

And, we’re great to work with!

Our projects are cost-effective, sustainable, high-impact and backed by local government, non-governmental partners, communities and an experienced team both here at home and in Kenya.

We also provide all the support and creative assets you need to help your business reach new audiences and help create transforming impact and lasting change!

Your Village Impact partnership gives you access to:


We’ll work with you to develop a partnership that fits your business, engages employees and inspires customers.


We’ll provide regular, evidence-based reports and shareable content that demonstrates your positive impact—share with your customers, stakeholders and social media followers.


We believe that the transformative change you make possible should be shared. A strong team of photographers, designers, videographers, social media curators and content producers supports us.

Good for the world! Good for business!

Want to boost brand loyalty, engage customers on a deeper level AND help to transform the lives of eager students, their families and communities in a real way? Get in touch below to set up a time for a chat. P.S. Tell us a little about your business—it will help us come up with some appropriate partnership ideas!

When you partner with Village Impact you can:

  • Build customer loyalty
  • Retain and attract a passionate tribe of consumers who share your world view and who will want to talk about you to their networks
  • Engage staff
  • Stand out from the pack
  • Align your brand with a better future for students and young entrepreneurs

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