HUGE thank you to The Barrel in Simcoe

Wow, I was spoiled today.

Today I had the opportunity to meet with the “Barrel Family,” here in Simcoe.  The Barrel has now also become a sponsor of our Gala.  They are helping out by providing the Choir a healthy dinner before their performance, as well as gift certificates for our Silent Auction.

I am sure that the children will deintaly enjoy the food (I really enjoyed my lunch today).

The Barrel’s generosity stretches further than World Teacher Aid, they have also been a part of another amazing event that took place this summer, when Annaleise Carr became the youngest swimmer to cross Lake Ontario and it doesn’t stop there.  In a couple of weeks they are holding an Anniversary Party to celebrate 25 years in Simcoe with the proceeds going to the Norfolk General Hospital.

They’re an extremely generous family and I’m so honoured and grateful that they have jumped on board to help with our annual Gala.

Thank you!

I look forward to working with Martha and the rest of her family in the next couple of weeks.