Welcome to the VI Family, Milkah!

Published on Mar 4, 2019
Welcome to the VI Family, Milkah!

Welcome, Milkah!

Milkah is the latest addition to the growing staff of Village Impact and all of us here foresee us impacting more villages with her on the team.

When it was time to have an additional counsellor, the challenge was to get a person who loved people and had the passion to transform lives. It was a tough task for all involved in the process, but deep in my heart I was convinced that we had the ability to find a candidate with the proper fit.

Welcome to the VI Family, Milkah!Indeed, this has come to pass! We did it! I hit it off with Milkah from the first moment that I met her. She was easygoing and by the end of the conversation, we had laughed and shared stories. I was certain then but I didn’t want to say anything until everyone else had a chance to talk with her and make their own independent conclusion. Amazingly, the rest of the team also hit it off and we are so glad that we found her.

Milkah is easy to converse with, and has a really lovely smile that just makes you smile back! When we went into the Kenyan communities we serve, she was able to relate to the principals easily and you could tell it was genuine.
Welcome to the VI Family, Milkah!I feel so good about having Milkah on board. We can easily discuss with her Village Impact’s triumphs and challenges as well as formulate ways we could make the counseling in our communities better. She shares our desire to impact lives in the areas we are based in. I am looking forward to good things and I believe that, in the near future, she will make my impact better as I make her impact better.  
-Elidah, School Counsellor

Welcome to the VI Family, Milkah!