Making Our Schools The Best Schools

Village Impact schools want to be known as the best schools in Kenya!

One of the ways we accomplish this is in tailoring each of our school’s development phases based on the unique needs of their communities.

Making Our Schools The Best Schools

As a general rule, we start with the provision of text books and reference materials, as we have noticed that government systems take lots of time before taking charge of our new schools.

Water poses a challenge in all our schools and the communities that surround them.

We have aided in the installation of gutters and water tanks in all our schools, but these are just but short term solutions towards curbing crisis. For example, in Lemolo we opted for the establishment of gutters and water tanks to allay short term obstacles. But over-reliance on mother nature often pose challenges, especially towards the beginning of the year when the area experiences low rainfall.

In the Safina Haji community we had to pipe water four kilometers from a nearby spring into the school. We also had to install a ten-thousand liter water tank to pump water to our Safina Haji Primary and High schools. Here, the water has also been essential in cleaning apparatus at the two laboratories in Safina Haji High School. Additionally, this system has proved to be reliable to the Safina Haji community as a whole.

In Giwa Farm, the location for two of Springs High School and Shalom Primary School, we opted for a piped system to a nearby borehole adjacent to the school. However, water politics and misunderstandings between the persons manning the borehole project and the schools administrations have adversely affected provision of water to both institutions.

We continue to work to create new strategies to ensure that our schools are able to obtain this resource.

Most of our schools have a history of being affected by issues of early marriages, early pregnancies, drug abuse and poverty.

In 2017, we established our first counseling office in Giwa Farm, and later San Marico. Through organizing individual sessions with the students and organizing talks on the importance of abstinence until marriage, the intention and efforts of our Counselor has proven to reduce the number of teenage pregnancies as compared to previous years. Students who have fallen into the spiral of early pregnancies are also encouraged to go back to school and finish their education.

This year, we had a privilege of recruiting a new Counsellor and her impact was felt instantly.

Our two Counselors play integral roles as mothers and advisors to both our students and their parents in their respective communities.

Our Counselors play such big roles in making our schools and communities better!

This year we were also able to put up part of the Teacher’s Quarters for our teachers at Bright Hope High School.

Teacher’s Quarters help teachers who were forced to commute long distances in order to get their school. Now teachers can sleep in a safe, nearby residence and not have to worry about dangerous road conditions or mother nature keeping them from fulfilling their call to teach.

Teacher’s Quarters keep our teachers safe and punctual, and make our schools a better fit for teachers long-term.

We have also improved our repairs system. This includes the provision of desks and lockers, repairing broken windows and doors, and adding washrooms where need be.

We have organized student, teacher and principal conferences which have been very beneficial for the stakeholders within our schools.

We are now looking forward to introducing across all our schools more field excursions for our students in grades 3, 6 and 12. This will enable all our students have a broader view of the outside world.

“A library outranks any other one thing a community can do to benefit its people. It is a never failing spring in the desert.”

-Andrew Carnegie

Additionally, we are hoping to establish libraries in all our schools with well fit computers to facilitate technological knowledge and also help our students in their personal studies.

With provision of adequate electricity, the culmination of these developments gives you a good idea of our dream school!

We would like to thank all our donors for always being there with us from the start!

As World Teacher Aid, we started a good race. Now, Village Impact will finish strong by making our schools a safe heaven for our students!

-Phil, Field Rep.