Bright Hope Lemolo Secondary

X2RR+PQ, Subukia

Bright Hope Secondary is Village Impact’s sixth school to be built. Bright Hope Secondary opened in 2016 and currently has 236 students enrolled.

This is Village Impact’s second high school. With Bright Hope’s leadership, they have successfully created a farming crop that supports their feeding program and allows the school to create revenue by selling the surplus.

The school has been performing very well for the last two years with 5 to 10 students qualifying for university. This is the testament to the work of Village Impact, the Government and the teachers have put into the students with such poor starts to their lives and meagre resolves they started with. The school is on an upward trajectory in performance with each year doing better than the year before.

The school also had the teacher of the year in 2020 the last award given to individual teachers, he is still at school.

Bright Hope Lemolo Secondary

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