Ndatho Hope Primary

365J+JV5, Subukia

Opened in 2017, there are 329 registered learners at the school, from early childhood education to Grade 8.

The school has a borehole well with a solar-powered pump, along with 10,000-litre storage tanks that provide water to the school and surrounding communities.

Three modern Kindergarten classes have been built and resourced, and serve as a safe haven for over 60 students.

The school is now well fenced with flowers and trees planted on its campus. Also in process is  building a gate to increase the security of the students and school.

The school also has a new and modern library equipped with reading tables, chairs, storybooks and modern computers— a first for Village Impact schools and a rare feat for any primary school in Kenya. A solar-powered electrical grid has also been set up to power the library.

Ndatho Hope Primary

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