San Marco High School

QV7H+486, Sumeek

The school was completed in March 2021, and began enrolling students for grades 9 and 10 in July/August. The first cohort of 72 students each received a full set of textbooks. The school is adding grade 11 and 12 classes for the 2022 school year, which began in late April.

The school was registered as a public institution in September 2021, paving the way for a partnership with Kenyan Government. The Government went on to provide s 6 teachers and more are expected as the school expands.

The Government recently appointed a new Principal to the school. We are encouraged to see that the Principal is advocating for cooperation between staff, promoting personalized learning, looking for ways to improve the teaching and learning environment, increasing student recruitment, and engaging parents to support the school’s improvement.

A rainwater collection system was installed. Additionally, two 10,000- litre water storage tanks were provided that enhances the school’s ability to store and dispense clean water. Permanent hand washing stations, with a soap supply, were also installed.

We’re excited to watch this school grow! 

San Marco High School

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